White Privilege

I don't know anyone who loves the racial landscape of 2017. Still - people couldn't disagree more about the root of the problems. I ask a question to both sides. To liberals - what evidence will convince you that systemic racism doesn't exist? To conservatives - are all racial discrepancies really because of choices? Plus, Quick Hits with some stand up comedy on White Privilege.

Girl's Trip

Were there any uplifting messages or themes in Girl's trip? Or was watching the film just as thoughtful as getting turnt at the club? Get my take, plus a few other movie recommendations and trailers as quick hits. 

Transgender & Gender Queer

How do the concepts of transgender and gender queer relate? I try to sketch out what these concepts are, the political ramifications of each, and invite questions about future sex-gender identity. What do you think about the concepts? What do you think of the political discourse and debate surrounding sex today? 

The Free Will and Universal Basic Income

Two questions in epistolary form to none other than the conservative demigod, Ben Shapiro. The first - How much do you think we are in control of our actions? More and more neuroscientific evidence suggests free will might be more of an illusion, if it's anything at all. Also, what's your opinion about the future need for a universal basic income? At some point, the question of curtailing individual rights for society is not if, but when! Plus, check the numerous comic and cartoon quick hits!