How To Use This Site

  • Some posts are long-winded, but all blog posts have a TL;DR section at the very end. If you get bored, skip to the end. TL;DR has the key questions asked, as well as a quick takes section. The quick takes will vary from post to post. So far, there are snippets from the news, bites from stand up, internet cartoons, movie trailers, and more.
  • All content is for all and for none. If you don't like the content, move on. It wasn't for you.
  • The links are citations to things that I found along the way. I would be lying if I didn't say I like Borges, so browse them at your own peril. In general, if I'm making anything close to scientific comments, the links will be scientific, and if i'm making flippant ones, the links will be casual and humorous.
  • Use the Categories and Tags to find content you like.
    The categories so far: politics, culture, philosophy -- all different content that will be featured here; 
    For the Left and For the Right --- the audience I was thinking about;
    thought, humor -- the form of the writing. Tags are still a work in progress and categories might change.
  • Most of all, participate! Answer one of my questions via email or social media. Ask one of them around your dinner table. Post some links or citations to add to a conversation, or start a new one. Up vote a comment you like. Tell me that you think I should never have listened to Ben Shapiro. I don't care. Just use your brain!