Girl's Trip

Girl's Trip

No spoilers.

I went and saw Girl’s Trip this weekend and I got questions about it. I had to see it based on the recommendation of Joe Budden at Everyday Struggle, a show I've enjoyed all summer. You can't watch politics or read journal articles all day.

Deliciously ratchet, with sights of big and homeless penises, a little something there for the urine and food fetishists, compelling performances, especially from Tiffany Haddish. 

...and some moral value?

That’s the question. Is there any moral or thematic value in Girl’s Trip? One review (a top tagline when I google the film) reads “This sleazy, gal pals gone wild flick is anything but empowering to female audience members”. That sentence, and 2 others, were the entirety of what I knew about the film before seeing it. I didn’t watch the trailer. I came in expecting crude jokes, something about black culture, and, per Joe Budden, something you won’t want to see if you have a bad history with your partner.

aesop moral.jpg

I didn’t have any expectations for life lessons, but I found them. Strong themes about sisterhood translate into lessons of friendship, and I left thinking about the moments that have defined my friend groups, and the state of my relationships. Lessons about sticking up for yourself and your dreams in a bad relationship are universal. Lessons about admitting that life is hard and you don’t have it all are universal.

I was batting 66% on crying in theaters this summer (previous films seen: Dunkirk, Alive Inside, Alien: Covenant; your guess which one didn’t move me to tears. Alive Inside STRONGLY recommended). I would be lying if the last speech in Girl’s Trip didn’t get a little well of tear. I’m a sucker for seeing growth and empowerment, and I saw it.

I don’t have anything to add to the conversation about the film. Mostly I want to say that If you went into the film and turned up your nose and people getting turnt, you probably will turn your nose up at some point on this blog, so be warned.



Did you see it? Did you like it? Did you find it empowering? It reminds me of some of the themes of SZA’s CTRL album, one of my favorites this year, although perhaps inverted.

Also, a semi-related question for your friends, what do you make of black Hollywood, black boycotts of Hollywood, and the rise of black films since the Oscar's boycott? More broadly, what do you make of Hollywood and politics? Some might think Hollywood goes too far in pushing a liberal agenda, perhaps they say lgbtQ. Some might think Hollywood doesn’t do enough to fairly represent a 21st century population. What do you think? 

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